There is a revolution happening in the food world, and it’s all about eating clean – clean protein specifically. It’s going to change our waistlines, our overall health, and the planet—for the better. In CLEAN PROTEIN, Kathy Freston and co-author Bruce Friedrich bust myths about both animal and plant-based proteins, reveal the truth about how certain foods affect our bodies and the environment, and give readers a roadmap for how to kick-start a clean protein lifestyle. Packed with cutting-edge, up-to-the-minute research, the book digs deep to answer questions like: Why do we need protein? How do we get enough of the right kind? Includes 30+ recipes to revolutionize your own eating habits, with kid-friendly versions for family dinners!

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The Book of Veganish is the ultimate guide for anyone interested in the why and how of moving away from eating animals –whether it’s to rock your body, or because you’re concerned about the environment, or the idea of eating animals isn’t sitting well with you these days.  It’s particularly suited to those most likely to try going vegan(ish) — Millennials, college age, and teens, but it’s really a book for anyone who is veg-curious— the young, and the young at heart.  It includes 70 crazy delish, super-simple recipes.  Fun stories and lots of great pix!

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Most diets would have you cutting things out from your diet; they are about denial and discipline.  The Lean is focused on “crowding out”, which means you are going to add things to your daily routine – healthy, fiber-filled foods like apples and flax seed – and before you know it you’ll no longer crave the old foods that were causing weight gain.  The 30-day plan is about getting lean in the body, but it’s also about “leaning in” to the process of losing weight and getting healthy.  You add one new (and very simple) habit a day, and you maintain that habit throughout the 30 days.  A momentum builds, your internal chemistry is changing, and soon your body is changing!

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An accessible and optimistic book of ten game-changing promises that result from moving away from eating animal foods:  Effortless weight loss, reversal of disease, environmental responsibility, and spiritual awakening–these are just a few of the ten profound changes that can be achieved through a gentle switch in food choices. Veganist is the ultimate guide for changing the way you eat –  full of tips and facts, it  includes a step-by-step guide to getting healthy and balanced, along with shopping lists, and talking points.

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A 21 day program for healing your body, mind, and soul, The Quantum Wellness Cleanse is an easy-to-follow process that jumpstarts weight loss, well-being, and an overall reboot!  It’s chock full of gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based recipes to do once at least once a year.  There are messages of inspiration that go along with each day so that, along with the body, the mind is also redirected toward health and happiness.

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A book on how to get happy, healthy, and more enlightened, Quantum Wellness helps the reader make achievable changes – from changing your self-talk to doing mini-meditations to tweaking the way you eat to subtly shifting the way you communicate.  QW is a practical guide for thorough transformation.

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The One is not only about how to make a relationship more soulful and connected,  but also about understanding the deeper purpose of being in love.  It explains why we are attracted to a certain person, how to work through conflict, and how to become a better human by being fully present to the one you’re committed to.  It’s both practical and spiritual in content.

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Expect a Miracle is a spiritual guide for finding love.

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Guided Meditations

These very precise 20 minute guided meditations help to retrain your thinking so that goals can be more easily achieved.

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