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God, Christianity and Meat
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The Real Skinny On Nutrition
How To Kick Your Meat Addiction
Humane Meat
Vegan: Great for Kids!
Vegan Food in Restaurants: The Changing Tide of Food Preferences (Listen Up, Restaurants!)
Eating Vegan on the Cheap
The Steps to Becoming a Veganist
The Case For Fake Meat (Omnivores, We're Looking At You!)
A High Protein Diet Won't Make You Lose Weight Long Term:
In Fact, It May Make You Fatter

Flu Season: Factory Farming Could Cause A Catastrophic Pandemic Part One
E. Coli, Salmonella and Other Deadly Bacteria and Pathogens in Food: Factory Farms Are the Reason
Part Two

Top 10 (Recent) Developments On Factory Farming And Vegetarianism
Thanks, But No Thanks
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Heart Disease: A Toothless Paper Tiger That Need Never Exist
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Meatless Mondays
Shattering The Meat Myth: Humans Are Natural Vegetarians
Future Shock
Avoiding an Environmental Apocalypse
The Swine Flu And Worldwide Economic Recession: Humanity's Salvation?
An Earth Day Reflection On The Breathtaking Effects Of
Cutting Back On Meat

Red Meat vs Chicken: An Argument Against The False Distinction
The Breathtaking Effects of Cutting Back on Meat: The Environment
The Weight Loss Hype: Why Counting Calories Never Works
Moving the Needle Forward
Help Stop Cruelty
Eating Matters
Vegan is the New Atkins
Kathy Freston On Conscious Eating & Her Famous Cleanse
Conscious Eating, Okay, But Where (On Earth) Do You Get Your Protein?
Is it Hard Being Vegan?
Taking Global Warming Personally
Savory 'Chicken' Pot Pie Recipe
Shameless Name Dropping
On Cancer and a Vegetarian Diet
One Bite at a Time
A Few More Inconvenient Truths
Vegetarian is the New Prius
The Vegan Thing

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Kathy Freston is a New York Times best-selling author with a focus on healthy living and conscious eating.
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